Sunday, September 23, 2018

A tough week for momentum stocks with just a few making new highs while most moved lower or just chopped around. I expect this behavior to continue for at least a few more weeks or until the mid-term election is over. We might even see some improvement when earnings come out the 3rd week of October.

Meanwhile the Fed is expected to raise rates next Wednesday, so it should be another volatile week coming up. My cash level is high at 60% cash with the rest in some REITís and a few of the stocks mentioned below.

Letís start off with a few of the leading indexes.

TBA = Technical Buy Area

Now on to stocks and their charts with many looking good and some that are exhausted after big runs.

Now on to a few Chinese stocks that had one good day last week, but with all the noise about tariffs, they are not doing well overall.

I hope to see you in my chat room Monday and then back here Monday night. Remember the chat room is free for all members, just login to the site and hit the chatroom tab and youíre in.

Daniel J. Zanger