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Understanding Chart Patterns
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11 Most Common Stock Chart Patterns
Cup & Handle
Flat Base
Ascending Triangle
Parabolic Curve
Wedge Formation
Channel Formation
Symmetrical Triangle
Descending Triangle
Flags & Pennants
Head & Shoulders
Inverted Head & Shoulders

Understanding Chart Patterns

Identifying chart patterns is simply a system for predicting stock market trends and turns! Hundreds of years of price charts have shown that prices tend to move in trends. (I'm sure we've all heard the saying, 'the trend is your friend'.) Well, a trend is merely an indicator of an imbalance in the supply and demand. These changes can usually be seen by market action through changes in price. These price changes often form meaningful chart patterns that can act as signals in trying to determine possible future trend developments. Research has proven that some patterns have high forecasting probabilities. These patterns include: The Cup & Handle, Flat Base, Ascending and Descending Triangles, Parabolic Curves, Symmetrical Triangles, Wedges, Flags and Pennants, Channels and the Head and Shoulders Patterns. In my opinion, these are some of the best patterns to trade.

This section is designed to introduce you to some of these chart patterns, as well as teach you to identify repetitions in the market qualities, to make timely and more accurate decisions when predicting market trends.


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